Friday, May 09, 2008


Green is delightful. It's restful, soothing, even nurturing. But which shade is best?

You've got your olive green of course, which is not a good color for most of us. It reminds me of:
Army green, GI Joe green, and its related camouflage green, also puke green, which some rude individuals have labeled my guacamole dip. A pox on them. A better fashion choice is usually:

hunter green or forest green if you prefer, although it's not the color of any forest I've ever seen. I prefer:

good old emerald green, suggestive of the Emerald Isle, which I hope to visit one day. And of course a real emerald would be nice, but I can't picture my fat finger with a giant honking gem like that on it. I think emeralds are in the category of big-ass jewelry, not my thing. Next up:

loden green, which always makes me think of "loden in your pants" and then:

kelly green, which varies by dye lot, I guess, since Google has about twenty different shades of it. And of course:

lime green, very yummy, and:

sea green, which is rather boring and has a lot of blue,and:

Oops, sorry, just a couple more. I don't like it when Bette has to step in.
pea green, which I couldn't leave out since we've all been pea green with envy, haven't we? and:

pine green and:

shamrock green

But none of these, not one, compares to the bright wonderful green that the leaves are right now.

Even my camera can't really capture it. But this shiny new green promises everything, doesn't it? Beauty when all was stark and ugly only a week ago, optimism in the face of daunting reality, and, if I may be forgiven, hope that something good is on the way.

And so, that's why I say that this week, dear reader, for me, is the best of the 52 we get.

I am traveling to Arkansas where they are well past this stage of green. I'll report when I get back.

A bientot




At 10:51 PM , Blogger Kristina said...

I'm with you, Becky! We have these stunning maple trees in front of our house and I'm astounded each year we've lived here how they can go from barren of leaves to full-on flush with green in two weeks.

My favorite green is kelly green.

At 11:31 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

You just can't beat that new-leaf green can you? Enjoy! Have fun in Arkensaw!

At 5:48 PM , Anonymous joan harvest said...

I can't wear anything green but I love green. My wallpaper is green in my bedroom with a cathedral ceiling with lots of barn board and skylights. I wanted my room to give the feeling of being outdoors and it does. I don't even have curtains on my windows. I have a vernal pool in my backyard and it is getting so green in there and you can hear the pinkletinks (spring peepers) singing every night. It's a wonderful time of year.


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