Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 3

huge banana split Yeah, right. I'm still highly motivated, so this picture does nothing to me. NOTHING, I TELL YOU!
Here's what I'd rather have:
Photo of Carrots
Let's hear that again: YEAH, RIGHT!

Breakfast: Libertee Yogurt: 250 calories! Yikes! This stuff is wicked delicious, though.

2 big mugs of coffee with half and half dollops----my favorite writing drink 160

Lunch: one jumbo hot dog --- 180
grapes ----- 100
string cheese ---- 80

Dinner: WW scummy frozen entree with some kind of vegetable strips that are hard to chew and may break one of my crowns: 260
one can of peas --- 210 and YUMMY----mushy mushy mushy
Dear reader, you are getting a full dose of my low-class eating habits. You don't think I'm going to cook, do you?
BreathSavers: 60 (at least)
TOTAL: 1300

EXERCISE: 2-mi easy walk
HUNGER: inching higher
Svelta from the Delta


At 10:02 PM , Blogger Kristina said...

I say let your breath go stinky and have something much more delicious for those 60 calories. How many M&Ms is that? Hershey's kisses?

Then you can go around breathing on people you don't like.

At 10:11 PM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Tomorrow is my wine day--yaaaay! I don't think it is too many H kisses, but thanks for the thought, Kris.


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