Wednesday, October 26, 2005

a recurring occasional thought

Think about all the hours we spend sleeping.

Midnight. You are out cold, dreaming, REM sleep not kicked in yet. That's the sleep where you do a lot of blinking with your eyes closed and thrash around like Freddy Kreuger. Or maybe it's dogs that do that. I thought REM was a rock band.

1am. Squirrels chewing their way into weak house parts. Mice browsing through silverware drawer. You drooling into your pillow.

2am. Squirrels taking a break. Joining Book Clubs. Mice stringing up small Japanese lanterns for party.

3am. Mice partying with abandon. You, who could easily kill a few right now, are still out cold, drooling on other side of pillow. Kung fu fighting. Or chatting up President Bill Clinton. Or flying. Tons of chores that could be completed just sit there. Leaves lie silently on driveway, waiting to be raked. Nothing is going on ON YOUR WHOLE STREET.

4am. Street still completely quiet. It's like freaking Nightmare on Elm Street.

5am. Mice bouncers getting rid of last revelers in kitchen. In summertime a bit of light by now, but does that make any difference? Nay nay, sloth breath. You wake for a second and drift back to your assignation with unknown handsome movie star, not Freddy Kreuger. Silence fills the house and a little bit more dust collects.

6am. FINALLY the alarm goes off. Kitchen and weak house parts deceptively quiet. Incredibly, you hit the snooze button for MORE SLEEP.

This is another reason I have the Hannaford problem.


At 8:22 PM , Blogger Frankie said...

So, sleepyhead. I like the new blog name~!

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