Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thoughts on a Sunday

My publisher says that the good blogs all ask questions.


What does YOUR grocery checkout person say at the end of your exchange? Mine says nothing. [note: yes, this is a lame excuse for another Hannaford's rant: not an hour ago, my pimpled teenage male cashier said, "You're all set," as he handed me my receipt. Does that count as "thank you"? I think NOT,]

What are YOU paying for gas? I paid $2.09 last Thursday.

What do you pay for frozen South Beach Diet entrees? I pay $2.99 at, well, I don't want to say but it starts with H.

What do you REALLY spend on Christmas? It's a money hemorrhage, isn't it? Just to buy liquor is more than a hundred bucks, right? Let's prove it.

reasonable non-rotgut bottle of gin $18

two large bottles of Emmett's (because
who can afford Bailey's?) for mudslides $54

two cases of beer, one rotgut and one
decent (Sam Adams?) $50

8 mixers, Cokes, tonic, Diet Coke, orange
juice, cranberry juice, etc. $12

reasonable non-rotgut bottle of vodka $18
for mudslides

bottle of Kahlua for mudslides $20

two bottles of Sutter Home wine, one
white, one red $20

TOTAL $192

OY GOD. I'm hyperventilating. And that's not even counting if you want to make margaritas or some such folderol.

Okay, so let's screw the gin. $174

Screw the Sam Adams. $149

But replace with rotgut beer $165

I can't do this any more. I was going to continue, but I have to rest.

A bientot