Saturday, November 26, 2005

back from vacay

When we stepped out of the airport last Wednesday in Arkansas, it was almost 80 degrees. We whipped off our parkas and tundra wear and soaked in the sun. My daughter read a book outside in my parents' back yard. I noted every night how much longer it stayed light than what we were used to.


Back to the dismal northeast. Not that I don't love the history and the stone walls and the beautiful landscape--STARK landscape--but even so.

Sigh again.

My daughter and I laughed at the WBZ forecast which said nothing about snow as we drove home today in a snowstorm. We decided WBZ was in denial. The Accu-weather Denial Forecast. It's NOT snowing and it's NOT hailing and it's NOT bad weather. Okay? If you want bad weather, tune to another channel.

I can dig it.

J'ai envie d'essayer mes skis neufs.


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