Monday, November 07, 2005

antidotal evidence

This was written by a student. Probably most of my students wouldn't see anything wrong with it. Anecdotal, antidotal, WTF. Sigh.

I've gotten to where I ask if they know the smallest thing before I go on--"do you guys know what axe-grinding means?" "Have you guys heard of the Cold War?" No to both, by the way.

Soon I'll be telling them how I walked barefoot to school. With a book in my hand. I guess I shouldn't forget that I used to say Nay-Zigh (rhymes with Day By ) for the bad guys in World War II.

In other news, I gave in at Hannaford's yesterday. I wasn't even going to go there. I was prepared to march into Stop 'n Shop (a friend used to call it Stop 'n Shit), but my car turned into H's by itself. Then I wasn't able to buy Yoplait chocolate mousse Whips again--extremely worrisome. Then, yes, I totally capitulated at the checkout. The young woman handed me my receipt and my coupons and what did I do? I said "Thank you." I just wasn't thinking. And what did she say? "You're welcome." That stung.

These checkout people are really quiet and intense. Stepford Cashiers.

I guess I got what I deserved. I hope a bad day at Hannaford's doesn't signal a bad week in the classroom. Stay tuned.


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