Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hannaford's epilogue

I feel this will be my last Hannaford's post (everyone yells THANK GOD) because this is the second time the young woman, a different one this time, has said thank you. It was very exciting yesterday when I ran in to H's for one item, to be waited on by the f----ing CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER. Power!!!! I of course told her my story and she was horrified. So maybe that's why I got a thank you today. So.

Enough said.

I'm still very excited about my cover. It's one of those moments of pure happiness, unadulterated by worries over marketing, web sites, public relations, and various other crap matters. I love the way the English use that word, crap. It was a crap joke. I watched Eddy Izzard on DVD last night and howled. He says crap so well.

I've had four days off and enjoyed them all. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Met with my webmaster today and feel excited about that project as well. My web site is going to have an mp3 on it of me!!!! Maybe I'll just say crap on it all the way through.

au revoir


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