Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Semester Breakdown

No, I don't mean a nervous breakdown. I mean how the semester breaks down organizationally. The first day is so cranked up, everyone smiling, excited, taking things seriously, they are all going to buckle down and do well, no PROBLEM. Then the first few weeks gradually slide downward until the first paper gets turned in and returned.

Sad faces, mad faces, pissed off won't-meet-your-eye faces. Try again, try harder, it can still be fun! Yeah, right, okay.

"My adviser says I really need this class, can I get extra credit and work really hard and still pass the course?"
"No, I'm afraid not." WHAT, ARE YOU ON DRUGS?

"I had some trouble with my computer so I got a little behind. Can I make up the work?"
"No, I'm afraid not." WHEN PIGS FLY, YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I know I've missed a few classes, but I've done all the work. It's at home."

Sorry to vent, but this is the week in the semester that the Undead reappear from the darkness.

I've already had three this week.

I'm counting.


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