Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A New Day

Getting through my revisions on Victory. Right now I'm reading parts that seem good, so I'm whipping through them without changing much. When I get to the end I'm sure that will come to a screeching halt. What was I thinking when I wrote THAT?

I saw Fourth of July fireworks last night in Boston (from the Cambridge side) and though they were spectacular, the hassle of driving home afterwards was just about enough to deter me from the experience again. My favorite motorist is the one sitting in a grid-locked intersection of cars, who decides WHY NOT START HONKING?

New roof still holding, though one small slat, or shingle I guess, has come dislodged from the others. I need to call Home Depot and bitch about it. It's so pleasurable to look out my window and see a storm coming and not be in abject fear.

July is the one month in New England that is PERFECT. 85 in the day, 65 at night, anyone who leaves here in July is crazy. Also very beautiful and green.

HELLO VICTORY has been suggested as a title and I think I like it.

A bientot


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