Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shopping Update

Here's how many gifts I have wrapped:

Here's how many gifts I have acquired but not wrapped:

Here's how many I still have to get:
All of them.

So you can see my progress has been slow. I do, however, have a list. And this is important.

A good shopping experience totally depends on attitude.

If you're not in the right frame of mind, you will be indecisive.

BUY ME!! [Oh, that would be nice a nice gift for Ludwig.]

I WOULD BE BETTER!! [But maybe he would prefer this.]

I'M CHEAPER! [This is true. Ludwig will not care and will never know what I spent.]

BUT I'M NICER! [Maybe I'll stand here for fifteen minutes and stare at both items. Maybe I'll talk to myself. Maybe I'll turn around in a circle or click my heels together like Dorothy. There's no place like home and I wish I was there.]

The gifts will talk to you. Pay attention and you will hear them.

If you're not in the right frame of mind, you will make bad choices. This is true in life too, but never mind that now. Who cares about life when you have to shop? What you want to avoid is that heavy sense as you walk out the door that you should have bought the other thing.

Learn to pay and not look back.

I am still seeking the Killer Cheesecake recipe. I have tried a different one every year and haven't been blown away by any. I suppose I could switch menu items, but my guests depend on me for this. Or maybe I'm fooling myself. NEVER DOUBT!!! NO FEAR!!

I am also seeking the Killer Black Dress. I am having no luck. They are all either far too dumb, far too expensive, or far too preposterous. Let me add another category: far too trashy. Don't get me wrong. I do trash sometimes. But this

might be a bit over the top, especially since I bear zero resemblance to the model pictured. Besides, anything sleeveless would give you serious hypothermia after wearing it for ten minutes here in New England, particularly in my house, where it's always bracingly cold. Although we do get the stove cranked up on Christmas Eve and it's pretty warm.

I think I'll wear a Killer Black Dress from a previous year.

Hope everyone is ascending the shopping Everest and can see the summit.

I have no idea what that means.



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At 9:05 PM , Blogger Mark said...

We're still at the bottom of our shopping Everest too, and I say let's have a party at base camp! Ludwig will get what he's given and be happy with it. As for that minidress (flaunted refinement indeed) - is this research for DW by any chance?

Btw, apparently you can stop akinstoo from leaving these comments by going into the comments section of your dashboard and selecting 'yes' for 'show word verification for comments'.

At 9:17 PM , Blogger Becky said...

Party on, Mark!!!


At 12:32 AM , Blogger sandman1 said...

The front-most package in the picture there looks like a Chinese food take-out box. "Merry Christmas -- I got you fried rice!" Hmm, does that Chinese place deliver on Christmas Eve, and do I have any ribbon around here? Heh.

I'm kidding -- actually, I'm almost done shopping and about a third done wrapping. Don't hate me.

I dunno what to say about that dress -- maybe "bracing". I certainly hope you don't have shoes like that! Half the trashiness from that picture is the bleached hair and those shoes...

At 1:53 PM , Blogger Becky said...

SM1--shoes are a whole separate problem. Don't know yet. You're right about the Chinese food gift box. Maybe I could make that work!!



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