Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Sleeping Rhododendron

Not a bad book title, although I am constantly thinking of those. This rhodie will be alive and thriving in fewer than 90 days. Spring in New England is hesitant, pouty, precocious--something like a two-year-old.

NO, I will NOT be warm. Well, I won't be warm for two days in a row. So THERE.

NO, I will NOT stop with the freezing gusts of wind. They're GOOD for you. I will let the daffodils come up but I will BLOW them down again.

I don't LIKE daffodils. Or crocuses. Well, only sometimes.

It will NEVER be reliably warm. NYAH NYAH.

We who live here understand the juvenile nature of the weather. It's contrary and spoiled and you might as well accept that it wins. You never do. People are flinty and reticent in New England. In time you accept them and like them for it. Not many phoney types here. Not many "hey, howya doin', goodtoseeya" greetings in the grocery. You're lucky if they acknowledge you in the grocery. You have to make your own friends. They don't come over to your house to find you.

Mostly it's because it looks like this so much of the time.

In class now everyone comes in with a heavy ski parka, scarves, mittens, the works. It's hard to believe that when we part, they will all be wearing tank tops and shorts with words across the rear end. I have room to put MUSHY ZUCCHINI on mine should I choose to do so. But I won't. I want to maintain decorum, after all.

A bientot



At 4:33 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

You are priceless Becky! I love the description of Mr truculent spring. I thought the New England climate was milder than that? ... Dunno how I got that impression - you have enlightened me tho' for which I will be forever grateful. I like that zucchini phrase - don't totally disregard it - think about it a little more ... ;)

BTW - you went too far down and commented on one of my earlier blogs when you were looking for the comments section - so your comment re the turning red as a lobster was there - and I replied: I said I am one large freckle right now (or words to that effect) because yes, the sun does burn me. I choose my times to be by the beach. I see it as a treat just every so often.


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