Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Haven't Got Money on This Game, Do I?

Yeesh, the Super Bowl--even if it rains and becomes comical--isn't nearly as interesting when your team isn't in it. We are so used to having the Pats in these big games that it's a real yawner when they're not there.

Ads? I like the cashier lady flirting with the guy who's buying the Doritos. That was the best one I saw. Office on the moon? So-so. Despondent suicidal robot dream? So-so. Some of the others I didn't get. The one where the non-English speakers learn how to say Bud Lite seemed stupid and possibly xenophobic, though friends said I should "get over it."

I'm over it totally.

I will ask my students tomorrow for their analysis of the game and the ads.

I don't think Peyton Manning can go home tonight if he doesn't win. [Looks like he will, though. Manningburgers all around at the Mannings!!]

Meanwhile, Dahlia and Violet have really helped me with Sunday NYT crosswords (when they're not zooming back and forth under my feet). They take a rest sometimes, their preferred site being in the bathroom sink. It is so relaxing there. Here you can see them about to tackle a tough puzzle. I do prefer anacrostics, but still haven't gotten a new book of those. These I found left over somewhere in the cyclonic abyss of my room. The kittens are supposed to be making the beds--I mean it's not like I ask much from them and they ARE guests, couldn't they do SOMEthing?

Oh well. Off for another work week.

A bientot



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