Monday, April 09, 2007

When Spider Webs Unite, They Can Tie Up a Lion

Huh? This was my fortune at the Chinese restaurant Saturday night. Very strange and obscure, especially considering my other friends got pretty ordinary ones, such as "What you will do matters. All you need to do is do it" and "You or a close friend will be married soon." But me, I get spider webs and lions. Not that I'm against spinning a few webs.

I pretty much spent the weekend eating. I was in Hartford for Easter and our hosts had spent significant time hiding foil Easter eggs. It was only polite to hunt for them and then eat them, wasn't it? Then after resolutely declining dessert so Maeve and I could lie on the floor and drool over each other, I ended up sitting at the kitchen table eating pie with a spooon right from the serving tray.

So today it's 3.5 pounds till High School Weight.

Think I could snare this guy? I'd better start spinning.

3 more weeks of teaching
Still 8 months until Christmas
Weather bound to get warmer
Can't think of any more

A bientot


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