Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don't Blink!

March is a big birthday month for family and friends in these parts. Maeve got to stay up partially for her Uncle Jeff's celebration and someone had better warn Mariah Carey of her new competitor in Massachusetts. I can hit some pretty high notes--

my fax machine imitation is awesome--EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

but Maeve's high notes go into the stratosphere. Dogs from miles away turn to each other and say, "I wonder what that person is trying to tell us." I LOVE MY ECCENTRIC GRANDMOTHER!!! That's what she is saying. And also SHE WEARS GLASSES WHICH I FIND FASCINATING!

Is everyone born in March? It sometimes seems so. Most of them are Pisces, those fishy water people. All the Pisces women I know are very confident. They exude a certain knowingness (knowingness?). Ah yes, they nod their heads at some question and look deep into your eyes, empty eyes in my case. I ain't so confident. The closer I get, the further away I've been proven to be.

Pshaw!!!! Fie upon negative thoughts!!! Spring is here!!! [Little Voice whispers YA THINK SO? WHAT DO YA CALL THAT WHITE CRAP OUT THERE?)

I saw Borat last night. I have to say I laughed pretty hard in some parts, especially that evangelical experience in the church. Yikes. Also when the driving instructor told him to keep both hands on the wheel.

I am waiting for a book from Amazon written by a friend of mine. But until then, I'm reading WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY? about a young mother and it's good. It's especially funny when she talks about her one-year-old and the odd things they do.
One of my kids used to have a plastic pacifier (totally unsafe, I'm sure) that broke into two pieces very easily, which he would happily separate several dozen times a day and then throw both pieces in different directions. "SHA-SA!" he would yell plaintively. "SHA-SA!" This was his incomprehensible word for pacifier. And of course Mommy would crawl around on the floor looking for them. It was especially fun in the dark on my hands and knees under the crib.

I think one day I threw both pieces into the toilet.

The kid is okay now and studying Computer Science. We celebrated his birthday last night and he doesn't use a pacifier.

A bientot



At 9:19 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Ah Becky it is always great to drop by and have a laugh. You make me laugh and I love you for it.
Fax machine imitation is a most apt description for that high pitched squeal infants love to emit.
And look at her looking at you - hasn't she got the most gorgeous innocent-yet-kind-of-knowing-all-at- the-same-time eyes - if she can cultivate that look all the way along, she will have the world falling at her feet like a stack of falling dominoes.
I am so glad your son has got over his sa-sha (did I get that right?) phase! Sounds like it did him no harm.
Happy Birthday to all your March birthday bunnies.
(As for 'the closer I get the farther away I've proven to be'- it's nothing short of brilliant. Kind of Irish. ;) Keep that one. Use it somewhere in your next book - BTW how is it going? Got that title sorted yet? 'I Love My Eccentric Grandmother' might be worth a try. Or 'The Closer I Get ... etc' )

At 4:11 PM , Blogger Becky said...

Thanks, CB. YOur words mean a lot.



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