Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I really feel the next time the family pet Hansel looks in Maeve's face, she is going to quite clearly say "CAT."

Wouldn't that be astounding?

Unfortunately, the person taking this shot (moi) was NOT a genius. Ergo, that weird gray thing in the middle.

Grown adults turn into raving simpletons when faced with an infant this cute. Is that a 200 pound man on all fours, hovering over the baby and making goo goo sounds? Is that an English professor doing the same thing?

I keep telling Maeve the only problem is I want to eat her. She is too cute.

Mary Cassatt knew it too. How beautiful her work is.

As for my own work, it's coming slowly. Still don't know about Victory either. We had a couple of very close calls, but nothing to announce yet.

I am writhing about trying to decide whether to write the nun next or the old lady story.

Maybe I'll flip a coin.

A bientot


At 11:05 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

The weird gray thing suggests part of the image is missing, which could have happened any number of ways. If it looks that way on the camera's screen also, you could have a problem with a corrupted flash card on the camera (can happen sometimes if the battery dies or card is removed while the camera is doing something with it).

If it's okay on the camera but looks that way on your computer, the computer copy might be corrupted, and you could try transferring it again (if it's still on the camera). How it got corrupted by the computer is a whole can of worms, a larger and more wriggly can than if it got corrupted on the camera.

If it's okay on your computer but the copy on the blog has the problem, it could have just been a problem uploading it (e.g. got interrupted for some reason), and you could try uploading again. This is the least concerning source of the trouble, and perhaps the most likely, happily. You could check for this by downloading the copy from your blog and seeing if it is a smaller sized file than the original one you uploaded (if the size doesn't match exactly, then it got corrupted).

Interestingly, the image file from the blog does contain a complete thumbnail of the picture, so all the pixels were there at some point (i.e. the camera did actually capture them).

By the way, I also see in the file that your camera is a Canon -- I like Canon a lot, and bought two of them this year, one for me to replace my several-year-old Canon and one as a gift for my mother. If you weren't aware, there was a saftey issue for some models relating to a problem with batteries overheating, so you should check to see if yours is affected (repair is free):
here's the Canon safety notice page

Fingers crossed for Victory...

At 7:42 AM , Blogger Becky said...

Thanks, SM1.

For two days I was unable to upload pictures to the blog. It was driving me insane. I have no idea why it started to work yesterday, but I'm hoping you're right, the gray thing is part of an incomplete transfer.


At 9:23 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

That is one cute little baby girl. What beautiful eyes and aren't they just taking it ALL in?
We had Mary Cassatt paintings on the walls of the child care centre I set up (many moons ago now.)


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