Friday, August 22, 2008

non-Michael Phelps Olympics

Okay, I haven't exactly watched the event. So anything that has filtered down to me must be truly making news. Here is the USA women's gymnastics team from 1956.

They at least look like they are in high school, don't they? I can picture each one of them in bobby sox and a poodle skirt, taking driver's ed and worrying about the prom. Those brassieres were of the Double Pointy Rocket Ship variety and maybe Playtex Living. I am sure that coach wore sensible shoes at all times.

Here is the 2008 China women's gymnastics team.

Chinese women gymnasts claim first Olympic team crown

If you're going to send them a congratulatory gift, you might want to consider a Little Kitty item or even a Barbie to give them something to aspire to, like breasts. Here is the American team they beat:
Chinese women gymnasts claim first Olympic team crown

Our girls are tiny, but all look like regular users of eye makeup. I can picture them all with butterly tattoos peeking out of their low-riders.

Olga Kaniskina, Women’s 20km Walk Gold [Athletics]

This is Olga Kaniskana of Russia who won gold in the Women's 20km Walk. This is about 12.5 miles and she did it in one hour and 26 minutes. By my calculations, 12.5 miles is about 50 times around the track. That would take me, oh, about ten hours. Can that be right? I'll check today during my outing. I'm quite friendly with the groundskeeper and maybe he will time me if he doesn't have to eat lunch or do any work.

I don't even like to think about this. This is how you have to reach difficult items at Hannaford's sometimes. Would you call this getting a leg up?

I have had a wonderful summer, dear reader. I visited four states and plan on another one (Rhode Island) this Friday. I have actually completed one syllabus.

More later.




At 3:20 AM , Blogger Kay said...

Those bras from the 1950s were something else weren't they????!!!!

At 8:13 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

I think every bra in every age has been weird in some way. Maybe I will blog about that sometime. Thanks for the idea, Kay.



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