Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Ecstasy

Mile Square Farm

Aaah. Sleeping late. No class.

That wonderful nyah-nyah feeling to the rest of the world that has to get up and get to work.

Not us. Not the government jobs. Don't think we aren't aware of our boondoggle status. Of course we don't feel that way on normal days, but today? Let it ride, baby.

I am spending my time wisely.
I am learning how to tie a scarf without strangling myself.

Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf in Lagoon

Soon this will be me [except with a black eye--see previous posts]. (Item available at Madam Butterfly in Sacramento, CA)

Why do I need to be so chic? Are you ready for this, dear reader?


Yes, that is correct. More to come at a later time. Suffice it to say I am planning to learn French in two months. Think I can do it? Don't answer that. Meanwhile:

Some quotes of note:

"Most bridal parties have one made of honor."

"It takes a lot of patients to deal with a child."

"We were playing Saint Burners and they are a weak team."

"Taking all the good notes given and paying attention to the teacher like a dog drooling over food is only going to help when trying to succeed in class."

Some things you can't argue with, dear reader. love,



At 12:53 AM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Sacré blue! Et félicitations! Je suis jaloux. And I'm being a bit disingenuous unless I admit to using three resources to check my French for that!

I thought I'd be in good shape, language-wise, when I went a couple years ago, since I'd had French in school unlike every other foreign language there is, but I had more trouble than expected. Before I went I got a phrasebook (by Lonely Planet) and a guide to customs and etiquette (by Culure Smart!) figuring my 80s vintage Cassell's was too old, but while I enjoyed reading them I can't say they were indispensable. Two trouble spots I remember were menu items (somehow I thought that'd be easier), and colloquial phrases (took me a long time to catch on that "bien" is the right translation for "okay" or "good", not "d'accord"). The books were good for getting in the mood though.

I'm sure you'll do all sorts of things in Paris I'll be envious of, since I didn't manage to do much of anything there in three days (though we did stay out all night once...)

At 6:09 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

I'll be looking for evidence of your debauchery, sm.

My daughter has Rosetta Stone and loves it. I am planning to borrow it and rely on that and my high school French. Nous voyons!!


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