Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 6

This is what I wanted to have at the movies tonight. But I did not.

We saw BRIGHT STAR, an "art" film. It was beautiful and artistic and I applaud the making of it. But boy oh boy, could I imagine some people I know not liking it. The actor who plays John Keats is very cute, so it was enjoyable all around.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt 110
2 coffees with mucho HH 160

Lunch: WW chicken parmesan--not too bad except the chicken tastes like a foam rubber mattress. 290
one slice toast 100 (don't ask)
grapes 60

Hurried dinner before the movies: LC penne pollo (best of brand) 300
sprinkling of grated parmesan 80

Snack after the movies: 2 fudgcicles 120
Breathsavers 60
TOTAL: 1280
EXERCISE: walk around Gates Pond with friend--solve world problems but not my own
HUNGER: intense
MAIN BITCH: none today, fun at a yard sale
Curvy Minervy


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