Thursday, December 15, 2005


Student situations will drive me insane before it is over.

Student Situation #1:
Young woman very quiet, pleasant, not a Rhodes scholar, tells me she left her research paper in the office last week. She says someone took it from her and put it in my mail. I never got it. I told her she'd better be in touch with me. She hasn't. Her phone number doesn't work. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Flunk her on the paper? D in the course? Seems harsh and yet........

Student Situation #2:
Young woman tells me a person in her family, well, I don't feel I can repeat this one. But trust me, a person in her family did something REALLY BAD. So I said I would work with her on the deadlines (read: disregard). I thought she would at least start attending, but I have not seen her in 3 weeks. I don't know what to do with her. She owes 3 out of 4 papers and did not submit the portfolio. I hope she will take an incomplete, which I am willing to give her.

Is there a theme here?

Am I looking like a chump?

Usually I'm a cast iron bitch and everybody knows it, but now and then I do have a heart. Okay, one more.

Student Situation #3: Another young woman, whom I love, she's funny and bright but something of a slacker. She blew off the research paper in her course. I have to give her a D. BUT I LIKE HER SO MUCH.

This is the agonizing part of teaching.

The day that I turn in the grades is the day I look like Sybil.

Wait, no, okay, yes, no wait, no don't wait.

100 students this semester. I should be in an asylum.

A bientot


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