Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Getting some really good input/feedback on VICTORY. I'll be able to make changes that will strengthen the work. My buddy Mark in Australia is so insightful!!!! He just moved there too, from South America. I have to think that is a terrific culture shock.

The worst culture shock I ever had was moving to Little Rock, Ark. from Peoria, Ill. when I was 13. God. I was in eighth grade and rode my bike everywhere in Peoria. That was considered very declasse in LR. Girls were into charm bracelets and moutons. A mouton was what you'd call a fake fur. A short jacket. I had one chance to be popular when Paula, the teen queen of Forest Heights Junior High School, sat with me one afternoon in the bleachers during gymn class.

"What kind of mouton do you have?" Paula asked.

"What's a mouton?" Becky replied.

That pretty much sealed my fate. I was a geek, a dork, not popular. I counterbalanced this problem by pretending to be extremely stupid to my carpool mates, my only chances for friends the way I saw it. I practically acted retarded and boy, did they laugh. They let me hang around too, so as a strategy it worked. Then my mother sent me to Catholic school the next year and I had to start over. I was so miserable for the three months I spent at the public school. I ate a lot of candy as I recall and have always fought my weight since then.

I'm a sex bomb now, though. Haha. Weight loss hanging steady at 23 pounds. My hope is to reach my high school weight by Christmas.

Hope everyone is doing well.

A bientot


At 10:55 AM , Blogger Kristin B said...

I was a geek, dork, nerd, whatever you want to call it in my middle/high school days. Orchestra, speech & debate, classic film buff (no one my age knew who Cary Grant was), theatre geek (the local amateur theater, not the annual high school plays/popularity contests). I wrote poetry in study hall. I tried to hide it when I went to college, but I still didn't "fit in".

Now, in my mid-twenties, I have friends who share my interests and appreciate me for who I am. And I'm proud to be a dork. It's not an insult--it's a compliment.

It's amazing what growing up can do, isn't it?

At 11:02 AM , Blogger Becky said...

yes kristin b, it's amazing. It took me a lot longer to learn than it did you.



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