Monday, April 16, 2007

What I did during the Boston Marathon

First of all, the young woman in this photo is not me. HAH! A few years ago I did run/jog two miles per day, far from twenty six, but I don't any more. I walk.

Note: My very good friend Lynn used to be a great runner in her day and wore fabulous spandex suits to do it in. I remember one psychedelic one in particular that dropped a few jaws in our little town. We used to run together at the local high school track (where I still walk) and she looked great. I kind of motored along in a pitiful way.

Our sons played sports there and were mortified by us. It would be hard to overestimate just how embarrassed they were. We used to start giggling about it as we ran and thought of calling out to them now and then, "Brendan!! Have you had your bowel movement today?" (I do apologize to my readers who thought I had higher standards)

Anyway, I did not even make it to the track today because of the weather, which was abominable. High winds, pounding rain and cold. There you have it. That's pretty much why New England is losing population, because that is what we get in April. I checked the weather in Arkansas and New Jersey and it was better in both places (speaking of New Jersey, poor Governor Corzine, wear that seat belt next time, dude).

Oh, sorry, I got my artwork wrong. This is meant for another subject.

So anyways, I went out to Target (Tar-Zhay) in the pouring elements and returned a few items. This will now flesh out my checking account which will be needed for the HUGE TAX PAYMENT that will be winging its way out of my account. Don't ask.
and now, dear reader, I long for this delightful sight.

Oh no, blech, not that one. Keep going.

A bientot
love and hope you did your best time,

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At 11:23 PM , Blogger Mark said...

That bowel movement comment is the ideal mix of humour and cruelty. Love it.

At 5:51 AM , Blogger beckymotew said...

Yes, H and C in liberal doses.

Thanks, Mark.



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