Saturday, May 24, 2008

update from London

I keep trying to think of different words instead of grand. Imposing? August? Inspiring?

Grand is best.

Yesterday I got delightfully lost and ended up at Buckingham Palace. I knew the queen was resting so I didn't bother her.

I had a lengthy chat with a guard holding a machine gun in front of Number Ten Downing Street and have a pic with him, which I will post when I get back. Revealing!!

What I love the best is that about every ten feet you see another wonderful, fabulous, Oh I really mean grand, THING, whatever the thing is. Number Ten, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Parliament (I went in).

Must run. Off to the Courtauld Institute, darling, to see the Impressionists.
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At 4:27 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

A cuppa tea and tiny cucumber sandwiches in Hyde Park next? Strawberries at Wimbledon?

So pleased you are having a wonderful time dahling!!! :)


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