Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flaming June

I saw this painting at the Tate Britain just last week. It is on loan from the Ponce Museum of Art in Puerto Rico, where it has resided since 1963 and I feel terribly lucky to have seen it.
Second of all, IT IS FREAKING GORGEOUS, is it not? It was painted smack in the Victorian era in 1895 by Frederic Lord Leighton and by the 1960s, Victorian art was not much in favor and so did not attract a high price. That is how the Ponce got their hands on it and thank god they did

I also post it because I love the title. The dress is flaming, of course, and perhaps the sleeping woman's personality is too. We are in the month of June now and it is slipping by and I don't WANT it to. I jealously guard each day. Even though today I have to do something hateful at the dentist's, it's still a day in June and I want to enjoy it and appreciate it.

Here is how I want to feel.
All I need is Cary Grant.

I saw Sex and the City the other night.
I've read lots of ho-hum reviews of the flick, but honestly, I could have sat and watched it for another hour (it's already 2.5). On Lifetime network, you generally get a new outfit every 90 seconds, but in SatC, it seems more often (I read there were 300 costume changes). Love love love it. Also the main plotline of Carrie and Big was mesmerizing to me and speaks to any woman who has been in love. The way Carrie gets over her disappointment was very realistic and her friends helped her and it didn't happen overnight (2.5, remember?)
A good friend of mine said she does not like SatC and I agree that there is a bit of a "revenge" theme in the series. Sort of "watch us behave as badly as the men do" type of thing. And I think there is a certain frivolousness to the show, the love for fashion especially. Well, certainly fashion is frivolous. Who would disagree with that? But here's my question: SO WHAT?
I am reading Time Traveler's Wife and it is very engaging.
I am working on my book every day--rolling the snowball, dear reader, as I savor this beautiful month.
A bientot


At 8:48 AM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Becky, without a lie, I enjoyed 'Coupon Girl' more than TTW.

At 12:46 PM , Anonymous Joanharvest said...

I am familiar with "Flaming June" I love the Pre Raphaelite paintings. I have quite a few of them (in the form of posters) hung in my room and I always get a pre Raphaelite calendar for Christmas. My favorite is "The Lady of Shallot" by John William Waterhouse. I would love to have seen the original "Flaming June".

At 4:19 PM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Gosh, CB, thanks.

Joan, I didn't know!!! I love the pre-Raffs and you would have adored being with us at the Tate.



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