Friday, June 13, 2008

Why the Yankees are Different than the Lakers

We don't hate the Lakers. At least we don't hate them with every fiber in our beings. We only look down our noses at their good weather and show-offy sunglasses. We save our true loathing for the other group.

With that in mind, one can watch the Celtics/Lakers playoffs without too much angst.

CELEBRITIES SPOTTED IN THE CROWD (but I can't get their pictures to show up):
1) Sly Stallone looking truly odd, as though he has been in a fire or something. I'm glad he can enjoy the game. But don't give us any of that Rocky crap, gloating and waving your fist in the air. Don't act like a Yankee fan.

2) Jack Nicholson. He is why we tune in, isn't he? God, I've got to see Jack sitting courtside so I can feel the hate. Get this rivalry thing turned up. It's been a long time, but Jack looks exactly the same. He was with his daughter during the first game and I confess to a sharp intake of breath, thinking OHMYGOD, A REALLY YOUNG ONE! But no. She was drinking water with her dad and looking totally too cool for the room.

3) And speaking of that, Curt Schilling, who has raised Dorkhood to new levels in his white tee shirt with Celtics Larry Bird shirt on top of it, had his daughter next to him as well, who was texting to a friend. I AM SITTING COURTSIDE AT THE NBA FINALS, BUT I HAVE BETTER PLACES TO BE.

4) Hugh Hefner was also with his daughter. Or maybe it was his granddaughter. YOU ask him.

5) Tobey Maguire, looking very un-spiderish with his mouth open for flies to get in.

6) several Red Sox players showing solidarity

Will Smith (right) and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith were on hand for Game 4.

A good time was not being had by everyone, one senses. Maybe Will leaves the toilet seat up.
Anyway, I'm starting to get into it. Go Paul! Go Celts!

Roaring back
Thanks to the Boston Globe for these.
A bientot on a fine June day


At 9:01 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

I'm not au fait with the intricacies - ABM will know what you are really saying! But I do enjoy the clever snide asides - as I always do. :)


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