Saturday, August 08, 2009

And Another Thing

Maybe the thing I hate the most about buying a car is The Survey.

Or perhaps I should say The Dreaded Survey.

They start with you in the showroom as soon as you come to a deal.

"I've taken care of you, haven't I, Mary?"

"Wouldn't you say your experience has been excellent, Mary?"

"I know you got the wrong car at first, Mary, and then had to wait over a week and then had to negotiate again, but wouldn't you say I was excellent at my job?"

"You know, we don't get paid if we don't get 'excellent' marks on the survey."

"You know, the survey is my report card, Mary. I am rated on how I do on the survey."

They start groveling and poking their heads over the cubicle to ask if you want soda or coffee. They make sure you will get a free oil change and infer that you could bargain for further free service calls.


They start calling you at home too. "You know, Mary, [car brand] is going to be calling you soon with a little survey that they will ask you to take, one that evaluates our dealer performance here at [dealership name].

You think to yourself, no way in hell am I saying that they were excellent. But then you think I am going to be a service customer here for a long time. It's convenient for me. I don't want them to hate me. What if they did?

I really don't know what I'm going to do.


At 1:34 AM , Blogger Kay said...

'Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true?' Not that I live by that! :)

At 8:29 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Hmmmm, it would be kind to help them on the survey, probably not necessary, and definitely not true. Good insight, Kay.


At 10:28 AM , Blogger Kristina said...

You could passive-aggressively ignore the survey.

At 1:21 PM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

That's what I'm thinking, Kris.


At 12:44 PM , Blogger Melissa said...

You should absolutely rip them in the survey. You can bet it was NOT a 'mistake' like I'm sure they said. This survey is your only revenge!

At 11:26 AM , Blogger sandman1 said...

I did the passive-aggressive-ignore-it thing when I bought my last car, though I was mad about some things. I think I had that same hesitation about inviting greater-than-usual malice from the service department. Which service department, by the way, also had surveys from the manufacturer to be filled out for each visit, and they always took the liberty of marking everything excellent for me and just having me sign it. I felt like such a tool signing it -- so obnoxious of them to exploit my aversion to conflict.

Coincidentally, I stopped going to that dealer for service (after a high-profile screw-up by them) but still get e-mail spam from them, including one recently saying I'd be hearing from Mazda soon in a survey, so I should be sure to answer. I can't wait! Or so I keep telling myself...


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