Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 12

This was one of those days I didn't plan for. I didn't go over, okay? I didn't breach the limit. But it wasn't on the schedule. You will see why.

I am going to see my namesake Molly Rebecca tomorrow, and I am bringing food. I cooked that food tonight. As I cooked, I relaxed and drank alcoholic beverages. I played the radio. I danced.

It was fun.

I still want to eat 20 fudgcicles in a day, but this was good.

Breakfast: Yoplait yogurt 100
2 mugs of coffee with massive HH 160

Lunch: WW Santa Fe rice and beans 310
grapes 80
Dollop of Thousand Island dressing, because it tastes so much better 60

Dinner: Alcoholic beverages 619

TOTAL: 1329

EXERCISE: 2 mile hard walk [horses like me]
OPTIMISM: 10 {illegally weighed myself again, one pound loss]
HUNGER: assuaged by alcoholic buzz
MAIN BITCH: too many papers to grade
LITTLE VOICE: You are an old hag.

Sexy with the Hexy


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