Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mama's Got A Brand New Mug

Here it is. My official souvenir mug from Pawleys Island.

It's not hand painted like the one I brought from Italy. It's not as sophisticated or beautiful either.

But it didn't cost thirty dollars. It cost one dollar at the dollar store. It's a humble mug. I feel thrifty when I drink from it. There are lemons on it and pears, continuing the tart fruit theme of the Italian mug.

I'm excited to have a new tradition.

Then again I don't get out much.

Here is the Italian one in case you forgot what it looks like.

It's a slow week, dear reader.
We had a family birthday today and fun was had by all.

Flagrant consumption of chocolate cake was observed and duly noted.

Some parties did not get to share the cake, but those who had extra frosting today should stand warned that their share might be smaller in the years to come.

Entertainment was cutting edge. Modern interpretive dance from up and coming performers.

The divas of the past must make way for those of the future.

Stand up for what you believe in.

Go for all the cliches.

Remember the good times.

A bientot, dear reader.


At 12:48 AM , Blogger Eileen said...

Hmmmm... you seem to like a floral motiv in your mugs, I think. Perhaps I can fix you up with something out of my V&B collection if/when you visit that bookstore in New Hampshire. We'll see ...

Cute kids. Next time, can you show cat photos?

At 6:20 AM , Blogger Becky Willis Motew said...

Thanks, Eileen.

I don't have any cats visiting me right now. I do want to visit the bookstore. Looking forward to it.

At 2:47 PM , Blogger Kristina said...

A year already, are you kidding me?

Nice mug!

At 3:50 PM , Blogger Becky Willis Motew said...

No no, that was not Molly's birthday. She is HALF a year old. It was my son, who turned AHEMGAGCOUGH.

At 8:59 AM , Blogger Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Your grandkids are ADORABLE!!! Such expressive eyes!
Thanks for sharing the love. :)


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