Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It must be hard to do. Very hard. My heart goes out to them as I stand in line, five back, waiting for my turn. Most customers are pretty tolerant this close to Christmas. Oh I'm sorry. No, go ahead. You first. Etc.

Filene's salespeople: one at the Express checkout upstairs, rather a Buddy Hackett-looking little guy, rolling his eyes and talking to himself. Keep in mind there were no bad customers, just a few who asked for gift boxes. In the words of Harvey Fierstein, IS THAT SO WRONG? Meanwhile, this guy kept muttering and cursing, well, I presumed he was cursing. Maybe he was saying a novena. Maybe he was enumerating to himself what he loved about New England. Anyway, I was truly afraid of him. "Okay if I grab a few gift boxes? I'll get them myself."

Slender Alex Trebec-looking fellow with gray moustache in a sportcoat and tie (for GOD'S SAKE!) at the same register a couple of days later. Looked like a manager and was. Reasonably competent but taking no guff, brooking no opposition. I normally try to weasel my way into a coupon sale by saying I have forgotten mine at home, which come to think of it, is true. But I didn't dare with this guy. He would have decked me. Right before it was my turn, the real cashier appeared, for whom Alex must have been standing in while she ate a pound of candy. Very overweight, bleached blonde, late middle age, and disappointed to be there. Grumpsville. Said nothing the entire time, did reach down and give me a gift box, I didn't dare ask for tissue paper as you sometimes can in non-holiday times when you don't need it.

Tall almost-bald Sears Dad type working at different Express checkout on the same floor a few weeks ago. What a difference. This guy didn't have a clue what he was doing, it might have been his first day at his part time job (real job? possibly chemical engineer) but he was very pleasant and more than happy to void out a sale or whatever you needed. No gift boxes available. I should have looked for him this week. By now that guy is probably kicking ass.

Not many thank yous out there. Hannaford's could do a little recruiting at Filene's.

Feliz navidad


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