Friday, May 05, 2006

book signing

It was fabulous in every way.

Family and close friends, people I know not very well, a few I haven't seen in years, some people I never would have expected--all were there. The biggest surprise of the night was my writing critique partner, the one who guided me the most on CG, FLEW IN FROM FREAKING WISCONSIN TO SURPRISE ME.

I FREAKED OUT. I'm still freaked out by it. My black outfit fit the bill perfectly (black is the new black) and I got compliments on it (although what would they say--HEY!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, HORROR MOVIE?).

The sad part was that the store didn't have enough books (sweet words to an author) and I ended up selling my own copy to someone. I guess Borders got the money for it. Whatever. I don't even care.

The house down the street from mine was having a party last night and two of my guests actually went to THEIR party first without knowing they were in the wrong house. It's probably the funniest thing that's ever happened on my street. My friends from Arkansas took very good care of me all afternoon and got me there safely and even carried in my stuff.

The cake, by the way, did NOT seem to have bavarian creme filling. That was probably the only disappointment of the night. Plus there were no flowers or decorations of any kind on it, just COUPON GIRL in script. Well, what do you expect, it's Hanna--Hanna--[choke}--I can't say it.

A young woman who works in a grocery store in New Hampshire was telling me the other day that an old guy comes through her line frequently and reaches over and leaves two Hersey kisses on her register. She has no idea what it means. She throws them out, of course, but I said ooooh, I may steal that for Victory.

Now I have to get ready for next week. ME!!! ME!!!! ME!!!

A bientot a moi


At 11:03 PM , Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for the update - it made me smile! I loved the bit about the guests going to the wrong house! And the cake NOT having bavarian cream and the Hershy Kisses - what 's with that? And your black dress working out fine after all that angst -- and the books selling out (what great news) and the surprise arrival from Wisconsin. And you even got a little drunk??? Or is that just me mis-reading - I think it's great you got a little drunk ... :)))) Thanks again ... It was just like being there!


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