Saturday, April 15, 2006


The other day as I traveled west on Rte. 2, I saw a sign that said "Famous Ducks." Actually, it said "Famous Ducks crossing" and had a picture of a duck on it. Now I've seen the signs alerting motorists about moose, but in all the times I've traveled Rte 2, I've never seen the Famous Ducks sign. I wondered aloud about it when I got to class and my students all knew of it and said it's been there for years. Nobody knew why the ducks are called "famous."

Is it a specific breed? I raise Hereford heifers, Jack Russell terriers, and Famous ducks. Does Donald live there, I asked? What if someone painted "IN" in front of the present sign and it said "Infamous Ducks"? Yessir, there's that there duck that flew over the Town Hall and caused no end of infernal commotion. And there's the one that divebombed the White House. That one is REALLY infamous and would make a good duck a l'orange.

In other animal news, my yard is full of grubs. I think it qualifies as infestation. There are so many of those little goobers underneath my grass, it's an entire civilization. Atlantis Without Water. Subsidized housing for grubs. Low-income grub projects, that's what I've got. When you put your foot down to walk, it sinks. It's pretty icky.

I wrote over a thousand words today on Victory. It was a scene I enjoyed and actually it included the Famous Ducks. I have to write one more decent press release on CG and then compose one last giant spam e-mail to send everywhere I can think of and my preparations will be complete. Usually I get a massive toothache when big events come along. I pray that won't happen.

Happy Easter, ducklings.


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