Thursday, April 13, 2006

still strong

The morning after my candy post, I lost 1.5 pounds. I felt blessed from God, truly among the just and the virtuous. Of course I'm not going to say what I weigh, but I'll say this. I'm at a certain word count on my wip Victory and as that count goes up and my weight comes down, I wonder on what day the two will be the same. Know what I mean? That will be a mystical day and I don't think too far off, if I can keep walking through the kitchen with full motor control.

That half gallon of ice cream is still in there. I can't hear it right now, though, because some big-ass chicken breasts have wrestled it into the corner of the freezer.

So anyway, let's call this coming day VW Day: Victory in Weight. I promise to say when it is. And of course, I will still have plenty of weight to lose after that. It will sort of be like St. Patrick's Day during Lent. My mother always said that on that day you were absolved of your Lenten pledges. You didn't have to give up candy or ice cream or whatever you were giving up. It must have been 24 straight hours of hot fudge, swearing, impure thoughts, and Heath Bars. Now that's what I call the good old days.

I just realized I have a final exam at 8am the morning after my launch party. Maybe I can have an ambulance drive me to the exam. I have to start thinking about what I will say at the book signings. Good evening, ladies and germs. But seriously. Take my wife. I'm being held here against my will.

Oh dear, it's daunting.

Plus I'm still in the grip of crossword puzzles. I can't concentrate on anything else. My library books are so overdue, I'm avoiding them in the hallway. I can't look at them.

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm happy with my students again, unless of course they don't have their assignments and then they will irritate the living shit out of me again.

A bientot


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