Sunday, March 26, 2006

Social Butterfly

That was me yesterday. I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner out. I did okay on the diet until the very end when I was cleaning up birthday cake here at the house (it was my son's BD) and I savored some of the frosting. The devil made me do it. It was a pretty pathetic sight, me scarfing down leftovers from other people's plates. But I can vouch for the hygiene of all of them, I think. And thank god the cake got sent out the door or I probably would have violated it in a serious way.

Here's how pitiful the restaurant scene is in central Mass. My son picked Bertucci's in the mall for his birthday dinner (sentimental favorite, I guess). Personally, I think B's has gone down sharply in quality from a few years ago, not to mention they've been hurt by Olive Garden, which I am indifferent to. I used to love the Classico Antipasto at B's and it used to have chicken on it and some delicious pasty thing and both of those items are missing now though the price is higher. Can you believe this? When we got there around 7:30 we were told that the wait was ABOUT AN HOUR. For BERTUCCI'S? So we stood outside the door and discussed our options. No one could come up with a good suggestion. Some said 99, but we all eat constantly at the 99, especially my son and his wife who practically live next door to one. So that met with a tepid reception. TG Friday's in the same mall? Probably the same wait, we guessed. Checkerboard Pizza? That seemed a sorry excuse for a celebration dinner. THERE'S NOWHERE TO EAT AROUND HERE AND THAT'S THE TRUTH.

Oh yes, so as we stand there debating, out walks the Bertucci's manager, a smiley young man who says, "How would you like to be seated right now?" I thought there was some catch, like we'd have to buy insurance from him or something, but he was good to his word. He took us in and we were served. Maybe he didn't like us standing out there complaining.

I should hit 45,000 words today on Victory. I need to go back and add in a bunch of details so I'll feel more comfortable with recent plot lines. I would say the thing is about half done or maybe a little more. I still need a good title.

A bientot
Eating at home today all three meals,


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