Saturday, March 11, 2006

Eating My Words

Naturally, after my last post I got up the next day to a two-pound loss. So I'm less surly and violent. It's still not a GREAT performance but better than one pound.


Okay. We are finally having some warmish weather and it's superb. We New Englanders are like lizards, crawling out from our cold winter habitat (most of us live under rocks) and absorbing the sun's rays. Although in truth, I don't see the sun, as in actually SEEING it, but I can sense its presence.

I'm also relishing the prospect of three days off next week. Since my two schools have different spring breaks, I don't really get a spring break per se, but I will get five days off spread over two weeks. I'll take it. It will allow me to plow forward on Victory. Driving to work yesterday I was listening to Sports Radio WEEI and it gave me what I hope is a very good idea for my book. It has to do with gangsters, that's all I want to say.

I used to listen to WEEI quite a bit, but then tired of it. Jerry Callahan and John Dennis in the morning are the only ones worth listening to, and their neanderthal rants get my goat sometimes. Dale Arnold and Michael Holley are too boring for words and the Big O show in the afternoon has too many people on it, all yelling into the microphone and interrupting each other. I like people to be polite.

The NCAA is getting going this weekend so I will start to pay attention to that. It's so much more fun than the pros. UMass will probably never get there again, but I can still root for Illinois and various others. One policy here at COUPONS FROM THE EDGE is that we don't root for West Coast teams. They already have the good weather and they don't need other gratification. So. Stay tuned.

A bientot


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