Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day Six

I've made it this far and I think the news is going to be good on Monday when I weigh in. Okay, I weighed myself yesterday but I'm going to save the announcement for Monday. With my luck it will get reversed, but I don't think so.

That puts me in a good mood. And I did skip the cake the other night. It wasn't hard to do. I knew I was getting a rocotta creme when I got home. Yum. That is the reward I strive for on most days.

I didn't buy nearly enough greens, so I guess I have to go out for a rogue head of lettuce this afternoon or I won't make it until tomorrow.

I made good progress on VICTORY this morning, but I fear I may end up deleting most of the morning's work. Every now and then I have to ask myself hard questions. Such as is anything HAPPENING in this scene? Such an inconvenient requirement.

I'm still imprisoned in puzzle land, but also in class prep land and grading paper land. Groan. I have to do fifteen of the suckers today. The one I just did didn't have a single change made between rough draft and final submission. Yeesh.

A bientot


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What are you looking for today?


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