Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Highlights

I haven't actually watched the Olympics, but I feel sorry for Michelle. You can bet that's one bitchy little world of women's figure skaters. I can imagine the other ones hate her--she's had her chance!--but I still like Michelle. It must be a strange feeling to know that you'll never get back into a spotlight like that no matter what you do again.

I guess he finally said he was sorry or something like that. He sure doesn't act sorry. God. Here, have a face full of buckshot and suck it up while I go to work. I think it was only the heart attack and the subsequent PR flack that got C to admit regret. If he did. Wonder if the guy will sue his ass off.

I remember when Gerald Ford got knocked in the head with a golf ball, but you kind of expected things like that from him. He was one wacky prez. Saturday Night Live and Chevy Chase got their start from him. And Jimmy Carter collapsed while jogging on the highway, saying that a weird rabbit ran in front of him? Do I have that right? That's what Alice always said on her way down the chute. And then GBush Sr. puking on the Japanese guy--now there's something to make us proud. Remember Dan Quayle? Put him and GWB in a room together and let them fight over the crayons.

I lost another half pound yesterday but it doesn't count until weigh-in day. It makes me happy, though. I get observed today in class, so I'm a little nervous. Won't be bringing in the rubber chicken for today's presentation. I should be okay, I think. The key is to have plenty of material and I do.

Maybe we can discuss the Olympics.

By the way, the tree is put away and my house is divested of Christmas.

Sacre Bleu


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