Saturday, January 28, 2006

Favorite Funniness

I love FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS when the guy takes the huge Cadillac into gas stations and tries to have more air put in the tires than they're supposed to have. The White Whale, was that it? It's funny every time he does it.

Also the scene in Dan Jenkins' BAJA OKLAHOMA when the man draws a line down the middle of the map and tells his ex, "you get this side of the country and I get this side."

I loved the skit on SNL many years ago when they introduce all these bewigged and bejeweled aristocrats into the ballroom and the last one is "Lord and Lady Douchebag." Then they continue to address the lord with such things as, "Tell me, Douchebag, isn't your father serving in the House of Lords also? There seem to be a lot of Douchebags in Parliament these days." Usually a joke only gets one laugh, but that got a huge laugh every single time.

I also used to like the Goat Man or whoever he was who drank from the baby bottle.

My mother always liked Church Lady and would stay up late to see it. It's pretty funny becaue she WAS the Church Lady for many years.

I love Eddy Izzard. I love his imitation of the squirrel as it eats and nervously looks about. "Did I leave the gas on?"

I love James Thurber's "If Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomatox." I also love Thurber's story of his French gardener who taught him how to drive.

Favorite favorite movie scene--when Joan Cusack, left at the altar and still in her wedding dress, stands up in the bar room or maybe she walks outside and screams, "IS EVERYBODY GAY?"

More later.

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