Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Modest Success


I'm too ashamed and horrified to put my real weight on here, but let's do it this way. I started last Monday at 6.5 (I won't say the decade). That astounded me in such a ghastly way that I decided to start the weigh-ins the next day, Tuesday, when I was down to 5.





WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Okay, so now I am going to stay away from the scale. I already know that when you are on a real diet, getting weighed is a bad idea. There's nothing more you can really do for yourself and constant scale-gazing only leads to depression.

I mailed an ARC to an Important Person today, so I have my fingers crossed for that. I had my students in the library for the research presentation and it was, it was, not bad. I always do this at the beginning of the semester when I still don't know them all. One guy is chatting with one girl and that is going to have to stop. Love can bloom somewhere else, not in my class. I AM THE LOVE GRINCH.

Someone suggested that I try to interview Hannaford's for the information I need on VICTORY (my wip). That's a funny one. THEY OWE ME. Haven't I shown remarkable restraint lately in not mentioning H? Still no t-y's either.

C'est la guerre


At 10:36 AM , Blogger Susan Henderson said...

Congratulations! I hope the ARC you mailed out nets a fabulous review and blurb!


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