Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh what a Web Site Will Do

I'm feeling somewhat jazzed up about my ever-progressing web site, which took some giant leaps yesterday. It should be ready very soon.

Also I wrote a friendly but pushy letter to the president of ValPak, asking if I could get into their newsletter, speak at their meeting, sell books there, and all kinds of intrusive questions. I hope he remembers me.

Tatnuck Bookstore closed down this week, so that squashes my inaugural book event. Now I have to think of another place. Worcester was my first choice because that's where I WAS the coupon girl and if there were any of my former customers hanging around, maybe they would show up. Although I hope none of them are insulted, haha.

Walking around with a precariously balanced front crown has its benefits. I can't eat too many things.

I'm very suspicious of all hats in my house.

A bientot


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