Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I think I will be recommending THE HISTORIAN, though there are a lot of coincidences that keep cropping up in the story. I am thinking perhaps those will be explained. It's a ripping good tale, and has me looking up Constantinople and Istanbul, etc. I like reading a book where you learn something.

I recently read I AM CHARLOTTE SIMMONS and enjoyed it. Screw the critics, it's a good read for sure as are all of Tom Wolfe's books. I've never been disappointed. Certain authors I would always read, no matter what, and if I'm lucky enough to find their books in the library--pluck!!!!--they're mine!!!

Today I have to finish my excerpt sheet for the book, using the only four blurbs that I have. I guess I will use extremely large type to try and disguise that fact. Sort of like a first grade reader. HI. SEE BECKY'S BOOK. SEE THE VERY FEW WORDS OF PRAISE THAT NOW EXIST FOR IT. RUN OUT AND BUY IT EVEN SO. WHY? WE REALLY CAN'T THINK OF A GOOD REASON.

Then I have to try two more printer possibilities for these godforsaken folders that I want to do. Details, details.

It's really been nice not going into any grocery stores this week and I have so many leftovers I probably won't have to.

Hope is in the air. A bientot.


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