Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A True Story--don't read any further

Unless you can take it. Thanks to my friend Liz for suggesting I put this here.

This really happened to me yesterday.

Whenever it snows and I go out to the street to get the mail, I wear
this fleece hat that perches year-round on the coat pegs in the
hallway. It's the only time I ever wear it, mostly because the hat was
a gift from my son to my daughter and it isn't really mine. I guess my
daughter doesn't want it because she has never taken it with her. I
like it because it's warm and it keeps my hair dry. I pull it way down
almost to my nose.

Stay with me.

So while it snowed yesterday I put the thing on and went out to get the garbage toter androll it back down the driveway. It was
slippery pushing that sucker. I came inside, took off the hat, threw
it down onto a kitchen chair, and continued my morning (mostly consumed
by a Dental Drama).

A while later, I put the hat on again and
walked out to get the mail. Surprisingly, not much of it after the
long holiday. I walked in, took off the hat, threw it down, and a dead
mouse fell out of it onto the kitchen floor.

I took a lot of deep breaths. The big question is whether it was in the hat
for both trips or just the last one.

Oh my Christ.

I hope I'm not scarred. I should keep washing my hair for a week.

J'ai envie


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