Monday, January 23, 2006

Snow Day

Ah, what a great surprise!!!! Although I hope I can get out so to mail the arc (advanced reading copy) to where it needs to go. It doesn't look good for getting out right now.

No weight change, which really has me bummed out. I was certain there would be a loss today. I suppose I'm going to have to get on an artificial plan of some kind. I might browse through the South Beach Diet book, which I borrowed from Christine and have never returned. I'm 3 and half pounds more than I was last March 1. I'm either slowly gaining or or on a diet. No inbetween and it PISSES ME OFF.

This will give me some good writing time today, though I may have to rip everything out when I find out what the real scoop is on shoplifting and stealing scratch tickets at grocery stores. That's right, kids, stick around for tips on crime.

The worst part of snowstorms around here is the possibility of power failure. Power failures are not cute. They're not romantic and they're not fun. Here in lovely central Massachusetts, you can't flush when there's no power. I always say it has an immediate laxative effect on everyone in the house.

A bientot


At 9:03 AM , Blogger With Love, Fat Girl said...

Fantastic writing! I've become a devoted fan (to be taken truthfully yet with enough salt to avoid stalker-like seriousness)

Stop by anytime.

At 10:53 PM , Blogger blogme said...

What are you looking for today?


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