Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tree Schmee

Who cares about lingering Xmas decs when school is coming up so fast?

I put in final grades for two students who had to take Incompletes. The "fainter," who did not show up for the final, has not contacted me and her phone number is disconnected. Her grade will now turn to "F." I wish she would get in touch.

It's been a full year since I had a real asshole in class. I figure I am due, big time, but am hopeful to keep the streak going. Especially since my boss is going to be sitting in and evaluating me on Feb. 16. I am trying not to let my blood pressure rise just thinking about it. The thing about assholes in class is that you can't always identify them at the beginning. They hang back. Their habits don't bother you at first, but then by three weeks in, you want to leave town.

I remember the guy who ran some tutorial program at Fitchburg State. We sat together one afternoon as the brand new freshmen were walking in. This guy looked at them through hooded eyes and said, loudly enough for me to hear: "Which one of you will make my life a living hell?" I'm trying to be more positive than that.

I'm thinking about posting my actual weight on here and then keeping a diet log.


A bientot


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