Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tree still not down

When I first moved to New England, lo these many years ago, I was stunned to see all the Christmas wreaths still on front doors in March. March? Some of them stayed up into the summertime.

Now I'm doing it.

I try to do a few minutes a day on the tree. This is the way I do things. Slowly and methodically. Any normal person would get sick of it and just say, oh for christ's sake I'm getting it done right now. And then they would do it.

But I'm special.

I'm also moving forward a little bit every day on VICTORY. Right now I'm still bogged down with one of the characters, the professor woman. I feel as though I might be tearing along at good speed if I only had the main two protags to work with, but I cling to the professor because she makes the story more complex. Like cilantro in the guacamole, which I always forget.

Still haven't made my decision on what to have at Betsy's Diner this weekend. Their corned beef hash is spectacular, so that might have to be added on.

When will I start the Big Diet?

Stayed tuned.


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What are you looking for today?


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