Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blight of the Earth

You know that mid-winter night when it's 15 degrees and the door itself is frozen and a tree limb that is too close for comfort keeps hitting the house and it sounds like something creepy and haunted and you look out the kitchen window into the driveway and everything looks like The Blight of the Earth? That's tonight.

Not that I didn't have a good weekend. My girlfriends and I over-caloried our way through the Cape and had a grand time. We also watched the Patriots lose the big game and that was too bad, except it was fun seeing Bill Belichick say
"motherfu-----er" on television.

On our way home tonight, we stopped to see MATCH POINT and it was gooood. Very Crime and Punishment. I have dreams like that sometimes and those are the ones I am happy to wake up from.

A bientot

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