Saturday, January 21, 2006

All Faces Seen

That's right, I've seen all the faces that will be mine this semester.

Each student makes his/her own fashion statement, of course, and is unique and individual, etc. However, one thing is still true.

They all look the same.

The young men wear baseball caps. Some of the hats are perched a bit to the side, with the bill pointing in another direction. This I think is supposed to look like a rap star that they all know about. It gives them a jaunty, if foolish, air. I'm starting to see some longer hair on the guys, tendrils curling around the ears. Of course this could be more of a financial consideration than anything else. The girls wear very clingy, tight clothing and show plenty of midriff flesh, even in winter. Both genders have tattoos and piercings. A young man last semester had what looked like two black buttons in his nostrils. Big ones. I have enough trouble keeping my sinuses clear, could I even imagine having buttons up my nose as well? I stared at first but then got used to it. He was a nice kid.

I saw a picture recently of some movie star or celebrity in her wedding dress--with her tattoos on open view. YUCK. I don't suppose I could add comments such as, WHAT WILL YOU LOOK LIKE IN YOUR WEDDING DRESS as I go down the attendance roll? After all, the deed is already done.

No weight change. Sigh. I'm trying to make life changes, not be on a diet. I'm trying never to eat fried food, never to eat ice cream, never to have carbs at dinner. And no food at night. Won't this work?

Stay tuned.


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