Sunday, February 12, 2006


We've having a blizzard. Aren't we special. I can look outside my window right here and see the "s" word accumulating on the roof and on the roof of my neighbor who looks like a pioneer. Pioneer Neighbor will soon be out shoveling the stuff and I hope he enjoys himself. I think these are known as white-out conditions. They are why people move out of New England at a steady rate while the rest of us shake our heads and think about doing it. It sucks. It's not Jan/Feb so much as March and April that will get you down. So I guess I should feel cheerful that this is an expected snow, so to speak.


Tomorrow is weigh-in day, readers, and I not in a good place mentally about it. The Little Voice in my head that tries to sabotage me is working overtime. YOU'D BETTER HAVE A LOSS TOMORROW OR YOU WILL KNOW THAT IT'S NOT DOING ANY GOOD. Maybe I'll try the treadmill today. Maybe I really will. One last sweat for the gipper.

Reading Nick Hornby's book A LONG WAY DOWN. Bloke lit as they say and he is hilarious. I haven't been reading the way I usually do because I'm strangled and hypnotized with crossword puzzles. I bought a book of 200 Sunday NYT crosswords for my Thanksgiving trip (!) and am up to #90. They are a curse and I'd like to stop doing them, but whenever I get into my bed, I can't help myself. I have no will power, although I'VE BEEN SHOWING PLENTY OF WILL POWER IN OTHER WAYS. Wouldn't you think a person would lose at least 4 pounds in 4 weeks? Well, I have not.

Although what is the alternative? Usually, I bury myself in a box of cookies and say, well, the next diet is going to be really strict. Plus I have these "events" coming up in May. I guess I'll keep going.

Hey. Wake up. I'm done.

A bientot


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