Monday, February 06, 2006

Mick Jagger

God, he's older than I am. He has no natural dance talent, he just sort of spazzes his way around the stage. The sound was terrible, wasn't it? At least for the peons without surround sound or whatever it is.

The Burger King ad was sort of disgusting, I thought. The tomato girls and the onion girls, etc., throwing themselves down on the bun. All I could think of was the Entwistle case where the bodies were hiding under the covers. I know that is terrible of me, but that's where my thoughts went.

You can't stop your thoughts.

I was happy for Jerome Bettis. That's about all I could say about the game, except that it made me miss the first half of Bleak House, which is tres excellent.

The Super Bowl has gotten to be a cultural event in the last ten years or so. I say that because I never watched it before then and never cared about it, so if it is pulling the likes of me into it, it must be a cultural event. I will ask my students today which ad they thought was the best.

I bet everyone will say the "streaker sheep." I didn't see one that I thought was "killer." And "brown and bubbly" has to go. It sounds like sewage.

A bientot


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