Friday, February 10, 2006

Nigglings of Frustration

So I started this new diet three and a half weeks ago. The very first day the scale said 6.5 but the very next day it said 5. So I said the diet started at 5. On this past Monday the scale said 2. Now you could either say that was a three pound loss in three weeks or a 4.5 one. Either way, it's not stupendous, is it?

If I start exercising, that always causes me to fail. Because first of all, it never works. I notice no difference in weight loss whether exercising or not. After a while I start skipping the exercise and then I feel I have failed and I quit altogether.

I can't fail this time. I have to at least lose ten pounds.

Then I hit a certain weight and I just stay there, diet or not. It goes on for weeks and it isn't a plateau. It makes me feel so angry. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

In other news, I hope I don't have a behavioral problem brewing in one of my classes. THis kid raises his hand for every question and obviously needs attention all the time. It's gone okay so far, but I can feel the rest of the class on edge from this kid. I have to do something. I dread things like this.

And my car died yesterday. Someone is coming to tow it today and fix it. $$$$$$$$$$$

Combien monsieur


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