Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Invisible with Justice for All

Yes, readers, I am still invisible at my job.

In the interests of full disclosure I must admit that a woman at ___SC looked at me yesterday and said, "that is the most beautiful scarf!" I was stunned and probably made some kind of fish face as I stared back. I did rally to say "thank you" but in truth, I was noticing the immense cleavage this woman was showing and wondering how that was going over in her class full of undergraduates. I can only imagine the secret comments.

But I can still stride purposefully down the halls of either institution in complete privacy. I could pick my nose. I could drool and let my tongue hang out. If I had the nerve, I would try it.

I do notice that if you walk past a class in session, THEY will look out the door at you with great scrutiny, so perhaps I should feel less anonymous on those occasions. Those students could pick me out of a criminal lineup, I bet. I doubt the faculty could. OH YES I MIGHT HAVE SEEN HER, CAN'T THINK WHERE.

And speaking of criminal lineups, I'm forging ahead on VICTORY and am close to 20,000 words. Two readers are still reading it and I am of course curious to get their comments. But I no longer feel that I am going to abandon it. I posted a question about how to steal from a grocery store on a Yahoo group I am in, and two people scolded me about actually doing it. I had to reassure them that it was for a book. Yikes. Did they think I was going to steal a can of corn from the grocery? Don't think I'll be trying that one.

In contrast to faculty cold shoulders, I am the freaking homecoming queen upstairs at the Mount. It comes from having so many students, particularly last semester.
"Hi, Kayla, Mark, Gwynn, Alice." "Oh yes hi, Mary, Harry, Larry and Nod." Everyone knows me and speaks and smiles. I'm practically in tears by the time I arrive at my classroom.

You can't have everything.

Laissez les bon temps rouller.


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