Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An Ordinary Day

Okay, so the diet thing. I'm still on it, even though I haven't lost any weight for three weeks. I go up and down by a pound, that's it.

I'M STAYING WITH IT BECAUSE I HAVE TO. In truth, my body wants to weigh an enormous amount. It won't be happy until it does. BUT I'M NOT GOING TO LET IT.

Enough of that. I do need to get some fresh books in here so I can try and break free from the puzzles. I must say it is very satisfying to fill in an entire small appendage on the grid. You know, not the huge body of it, but one of the little peninsulas that stick out on the edges.

I had to go back and beef up/sharpen one of my characters in VICTORY, the professor. An astute reader suggested I needed more going on there and that resonated with me. I now have all three characters in the air and spinning, as it were. My friend also wondered if there would be "meaning" to the story. That has me thinking as well. I do so like to trash things up. You couldn't really say that CG has "meaning." But then I didn't want it to. I only wanted it to be funny. It's scary to think of upcoming reviews. CG is an "odd" book and for chick lit, it doesn't fill many of the criteria. No fashion, no shoes, not even a romance really. So I expect many people not to like it. Hey, THERE'S a cheerful thought for a Wednesday morning!!!! Off to one of my schools now to see my cherubs.

Sacre Bleu!


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